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Solutions to many problems lie in certain recesses that are invisible to the untrained eye. What is needed is an informed perspective.  At Solstice Systems, we aim to provide those solutions by adding innovation to technology. Our business analysts provide solutions that can help you fill the market gaps created by frequent technological advancements, while our technical analysts ensure that the process is not only effective, but is flexible and economically viable.
We work with companies who believe in the indispensible role of technology to assist them in becoming leaders of the future. Whether your needs are big or small, technological or business related, we provide our services in an efficient and timely manner by prioritizing your requirements and interests. Our expertise in both technological and business related fields enables us to not only preserve your original vision but prevent it from being diluted in the transitional phases.
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For a successful business solution, a flexible and cost efficient IT strategy is critical. Solstice Systems helps companies achieve it and make most of their investments.

Solstice Systems makes every effort to ensure career development opportunities that help employees to trace their own career paths.

Our Work
We have a diverse group of employees, who not only hail from different spheres of the world and speak various languages, but are also from varied academic backgrounds. Possessing such unity in diversity helps us address the issues facing our clients in an objective and meaningful manner. Business minded ourselves, we also understand that the foremost goal of any business is to generate revenue and maximize profit.
Our Team
In our line of Business, certain qualities are indispensible- Passion, Dedication, Diligence, Intelligence, Selflessness, and most importantly Honesty. Our workers are passionate about their work, and devote significant time and energy to provide our clients with the necessary dedication in order to fulfill their needs. We ensure that our employees are inherent problem solvers by nature and not simply people who are engaging in such work.....
Our Belief
We believe that in order to solve a problem for the best outcome, we must have the best of the best employees working for us. We also believe that the best solutions to problems can be reached solely by objectivity and unique problem solving steps. Thus, we believe in hiring individuals from myriad backgrounds, so that any problem we work on is scrutinized from multiple angles, before coming up with the best technique to eliminate it.
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